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  Anonymous said:
" Evangelion " Fandom

omg I thought we already did this one but apparently not, thanks for  the suggestion anon-san and for all the other ones we will not all reply to because of spam, we add all of your suggestions to the todo list! Thank you very much it’s very nice of you! :)

  letterblade said:
I would dearly love to see Sengoku Basara when you have the chance <3 (it is a video game with an anime. two animes actually)

We already have one for it! Please check beforehand, doll!~

  Anonymous said:
Could you do a a Alice in the country of Hearts? (HNKNA) I think it counts as anime 'cause it has an OVA.

It’s on the to-do list, doll!~ Please check beforehand!~

  Anonymous said:
Gundam Wing. What once was a massive powerhouse of fandom has been reduced quite significantly. However, those that are left, in my experience, are welcoming and open minded when it comes to pairings. It also helps the extreme Relena hate is not really a thing anymore (even with the fujoshi!). Basically the fandom grew up.

The Gundam series is already on the to-do list, doll!~ Please check beforehand!~