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Here we aim to unite all fans of any anime by creating fandom posts for each one. If a certain anime is still missing on the to-do list or the fandom list, you can request it!

Each anime fandom has its own fan list which you can use to find and follow other tumblr users!

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  Anonymous said:
Maiden rose, Ai no kusabi, hybrid child

hai~ thank youf for the suggestions :)

  idk-jenny said:
Also i'd like to suggest Is the Order a Rabbit :) I skimmed over the to-do list and existing fandoms and didn't see it. i'm sorry in advance if i overlooked it!

thank you for the suggestion! we add it :)

  idk-jenny said:
there's a typo in the Join a Fandom page: under Y - It's YuruYuri, not Yuri Yuri. :)

Thank you very much for telling us!! We fix it :)

  Anonymous said:
Wild Adapter (series by Kazuya Minekura), please! :)

yes sure :) Thank you!

Thank you for giving us your opinion

Hello guys!

Thank you for replying to our post whether we should keep the fanlists or not.

We decided to put our effort in doing different things instead of spending our time in doing fanlists for now. We will probably keep the old fanlists tho and might continue when all anime fandoms have been released (if this happens someday haha). By these means we are able to do more edits than before. 

But that’s not everything we were thinking about, we also thought about how we could let our followers interact together. We came up with these ideas and hope they will work out in the future:

  • A Forum for each animefandom in which you can talk about the newest episode, favourite characters or anything else
  • A chatbox 
  • We want to offer you the opportunity to give reviews on the different animes
  • We will create icons for each anime fandom of the main characters which can be used by our followers for anything they’d like to use them for (e.g. having it as an avatar, using the icons for replying asks or for running an RP blog) We will also offer you guys to submit icons to us

If it’s possible we will also try to update you concerning airing anime (new episodes ect.) by publishing articles. But this is an idea we aren’t sure about yet because it might take too much time.

So yeah, this is what we will be working on soon. I hope you are as excited as we are for this concept and are happy for more fandom-edits soon :)



Please remember that everyone’s opinion counts, so go ahead and leave a reply/answer so we know ^-^

Should we continue the fanlists or not?

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